Disappointing BIke Ride

I finally hopped on the bike for the first time in months (apart from biking to work from my parking spot). Well, my chain's been slipping a lot lately, no matter how I adjust the position of the chain; I'll have to inspect it for damage on either the sprocket or stretching of the chain. When you weight twice as much as other bicyclers who consider themselves fat, you tend to put more strain on your components.

Anyhow, between the slipping chain, the winds (15MPH WNW, gusting to 23MPH), and not using bike shorts (in my mind I thought it was about half as far away), it was a pretty uncomfortable ride on an otherwise absolutely beautiful day.

So where was I going, you ask? I was riding from my home to The Map Centre, in Kearny Mesa (Clairemont Mesa Blvd), hoping to find some good maps of Argentina for when Tina and I visit this December -- specifically, hoping to find a map for what will likely be our base of operations in Mendoza:

View Larger Map Decent mapping data is hard to come by for Argentina. Of the four big-time mapping websites:
  1. Only Mapquest has street-level data for Mendoza
  2. Google Maps doesn't even show the highways in Argentina; compare to their coverage of Chile
  3. Alas, despite being Argentina's 3rd largest city, Mendoza doesn't show on Mapquest at all until you zoom down to at least "Regional" level.
  4. Despite having better streets of the area, everyone except Google Maps still sucks, so that's what I embedded above
Well anyhow, when I get there, I find this note on the door: What a bummer. It's so sad to see such an iconic business die -- it makes me wish I'd bought more of the maps I'd always wanted. Well at least I was able to get a country-level map from Barnes and Noble.