Mira Mesa Bumps

Mira Mesa's not a bad place to live, but getting anywhere sucks. There are only a few main thoroughfares to serve tens of thousands of people, and all the freeways are a long ways away. Those who get sick of the lights might be tempted to meander through the side streets, but our fabulous citizens have solved that problem: all the side streets people might be tempted to use to circumvent the arterials have been defended with speed bumps.

Well, I wanted to get over to Jack in the Box for an Extreme Sausage Sandwich in a minimum of time. In true fashion for an over-thinker, I spent half an hour scouring Google Maps (satellite view) for streets with bumps, and marking them in a custom map overlay (the redlines, below). I then found a fairly easy route I can take avoiding these annoying barriers (the green line).


View Larger Map It involves a lot of turns, but only 3 lights and 3 stopsigns, as opposed to 9 stoplights and one sign if you go down Mira Mesa Blvd.