Insanity on the I-15

Most people would say that talking doesn't distract them from driving. What about if you're deaf?

I saw a woman driving up the I-15 in a rented Aveo with the inside light on. That always stands out after dark... so I figured, "they're probably from out of town, maybe they're reading a map?"

It turns out the light was necessary because they were carrying on a conversation in sign language. The driver was actually signing with both of her hands. I didn't peer in long enough to check if she was holding the wheel with her knees or just letting the car choose its own path.

Also, it's not unusual to see a vehicle make a sudden move across two lanes. How often do you see a gasoline delivery truck doing that? It's the first time I have, at least. Since it was driving away from the gasoline depot, it's not outside the realm of possibility that it was completely full.