Have some Pi, plenty of digits for everyone!

Happy Pi Day Matt!

I was curious about your mnemonic device, I was hoping it told more of a story. Katie and I went out for our traditional Pi Day pie last night. I had coconut cream.

Student: I thought you said you were going to bring in Pie? Mr. Follett: I did, and look there are plenty of digits for everyone!


Unfortunately my mnemonic devices are mostly mathematical. Also, sometimes I vary the pitch of how I say the numbers in my mind, where a higher pitch corresponds to a higher number.

A friend of someone in the UCSD Math Club alerted me that they would be passing cake for Pi day. The cake was not a lie; it was delicious and moist. Apparently they made cake because it was easier than Pie.

root(pie) = cake

That cake looks tasty. What is that strange cube next to it? I get the feeling that if I break it I'll get extra hit points.


It's from the game Portal, where you're put through a series of challenges by a vaguely homicidal computer that speaks with a fairly sweet voice. The computer occasionally encourages you to finish with promises of cake, though if you turn the right corners in the game, you find graffiti such as "The Cake Is A Lie!", presumably from previous players. Whether or not the cake is, in fact, a lie, you'll have to find out by finishing the game :)

The cube is the "weighted companion cube". You have to occasionally manipulate the weighted cubes, and in one level where you have to carry it for a long time, the cube has hearts on it. The computer warns you that some people have become unduly attached to their weighted companion cube, and advises you that it is not alive.

I only got to play it a little, but it's pretty fun. (I've got a roommate - Vance, who's occasionally posted here - who's a heavy gamer).

Portal Cake

I have head of this game, but didn't know anything about it.