iPod, get one

Get an iPod! I've got the "fat nano" it's great. The video is great and I can even play chess on it!

Yeah, but

Well I hear rumors of future releases, so I keep saying "wait for the next version". Right now I'm waiting for an iPod Touch with bluetooth.

Wait for Red Tooth

What kind of things do you suppose they'll do with bluetooth? Answer your not-iphone, connect to keyboard, wireless headphones, sync with your computer (do Macs use bluetooth?)?

Bluetooth = cool

Macs do use bluetooth -- it's how I send pictures from my phone to my computer (thankfully Sprint does not lock that feature like Verizon and AT&T). I should be able to use it to sync my calendars. Also, when I (eventually) get a Sync-enabled car, I'll be able to play music wirelessly -- no plugging/unplugging :)